Women’s Football and the Olympics

The Olympics have been around for a long time and they are made up of a wide variety of different sporting events. One that has been part of this event for a long period is the men’s football. Women eventually could make their debut in the game of women’s football in this prestigious event in 1996.

The exciting decision to allow woman’s football to become a recognized event for the Olympics was made in 1993. This opened the first doors for play for the 1996 Olympics. The tournament was to be comprised of 8 teams which it was and they competed in Atlanta Georgia where the Olympic games were being held for that year.

The teams came from various nations, countries and regions and, being as the US was the host, they automatically had the right to enter a team for the competition. Teams that participate from the UEFA are those that proved their success in the preceding world cup. Other nations can set their own qualification events to determine what teams will be representing them at the Olympics.

For this first presence at the Olympics in 1996, the US team walked away with the gold medal. When the next Olympic rolled around which was in 2000 the US team slipped down to a silver but it was a close tournament that went into extra play. At this Olympic, this team was beat out by Norway. The US team redeemed themselves in the following two Olympics taking first place once again beating out their opposition which was Brazil. Both tournaments were once again very close requiring extra time play to complete the game. In 2012 Japan was beaten out by the US team for the gold. Finally, as of the last Olympic which took place in 2016 Germany came out as the victor.

There arguably a ways to go to ensure equity in women’s sports but it is a win that it is recognized as an Olympic sport today.