Women and the UEFA Women’s Championship

1982 marked a very important year for women who were not only involved as participants in women’s football, but also for fans of this game. The UEFA brought the first European Competition for Representative Women’s Team into play-no pun intended. Today this event is known as the Women’s Euro and is extremely popular.

This extremely exciting event is held every four years and is often referred to informally as the women’s cup. This competition plays a major role as the most important competition in women’s association football.

The competition is made up of national teams that are part of the UEFA Confederation. The UEFA stands for the Union of European Football Associations. This is the governing body for all of Europe’s association football. This is the organization that is responsible for running many of the women’s football competitions.

The competition has been subjected to a few name changes but there have been several tournaments that have been played in this tournament. Overall the country that has dominated the wins in the UEFA championships for women has been Germany with their impressive win of eight of the nine events they participated in.

In the beginning, this tournament consisted of four teams but in 1997 the teams allowed to participate was eight, then a further increase took place in 2009 with there being twelve teams. Now once again as of 2017, the number of teams participating has expanded to 16.

For those that want to enjoy the next big UEFA Women’s Championship finals, this will take place in May of 2018 in Ukraine. This is the first time Ukraine will be one of the Euro hosts. It will be held at the Valeriy Lobanovskiy Dynamo Stadium. With this tournament only taking place every four years, the years leading up to are full of competitions with plenty of action and qualification procedures for determining the teams who will participate.