Uk Is Proud of Lucy Bronze the Impressive Female Football Player

Like many sports, when a player becomes interested in football, they often set their sights on becoming a pro player one day. There are also some that may not have started out with this intention but their lot in life took a different path and they did indeed become not only a participant in the game of women’s football but a very prominent one. One such player that fits this scenario is Lucy Bronze.

While the game of women’s football has grown through the participation of many nations, each country will always cling to their own home favourites. This is how they show their support for them. In the UK for many Lucy Bronze has become a household name when the sports topic comes up.

Lucy’s first love was accounting and it did not occur to her that her career would end up being one that was consumed by the game of women’s football. Fortunately for the good of the game and her fans as well as her, as she followed the path of becoming a very outstanding player. Lucy was recognized as being one of the youngest players in her squad at the age of twenty-one. Taking up her right back position was a move on her part that led her to the recognition she now receives. She is well noted for being a tough player and ironically that is really her middle name, her full name is Lucia Roberta Tough Bronze.

Although none of Lucy’s family members were interested in the sport of football and it wasn’t really a sport that the family avidly followed, her introduction to the game was a result of playing it with her brother. Lucy at the time was the only girl who was playing the game for Alnwick.

Lucy’s contribution to the game of women’s football includes the level of inspiration she has become for the UK as their home player and for other women who aspire to play the game