FIFA and their Support of Women’s Football

FIFA has recognized the value that women’s football brings to the sports arena and supports the sport and its importance to the fullest. To solidify their role in sports and to help them grow, this organization encourages and is involved in many of the different tournaments and events that every sport thrives on.

FIFA is committed to focusing on all aspects of women’s football, not only to ensure that the challenges from the past don’t surface once again, but to take the game to the next level. They are doing this by carefully monitoring the opportunities for player access. They are guiding the standards that are being set for the game. In addition, they are looking at all the potential opportunities that are available for women within the game’s platform.

Every sport needs to have a strong financial platform and FIFA is also committed to helping support the women’s football industry in this manner as well. With a strong and large fan base being critically important to the survival of any sport, FIFA is actively involved in creating awareness in the public sector to help with this.

It is apparent from the history of women’s football that this is a sport that can overcome difficulties both on and off the field. This is evident by the very fact that the sport exists today and that it is continuing in its growth.

FIFA’s support and regulation of women’s soccer has arguably advanced the sport in unsurmountable ways. Many players and fans attribute the increasing popularity and development of the sport to FIFA. There is still room for improvement, especially in terms of equity and treatment, however, the sport has increased its presence and attendance over the last decade and will continue to catch the eye of sports, namely football, fans across the world.