About Our Support of Women’s Football

Women, for many years, have fought hard for equality in all avenues of life including sports. One of the many sports that they now participate in and with great pride is women’s football or often called women’s soccer. In support of their efforts and for the love of the sport, we have dedicated this site to women’s soccer. They deserve a lot of recognition for this sport and it is our hope that much of the information provided here will entice our visitors to take more interest in women’s football either as a fan, a spectator or even as a participant.

One of the most exciting tournaments for us is the EUFA Women’s Champions League, especially when the number of teams that will be participating has been increased.

To show just how much women’s football has grown over the years and made a name of itself in the world of sports means taking a look at England’s top women’s football league which is the FA Women’s Super League. This is comprised of two divisions and both of them make this sport proud.

While there really should not be any one female player of this game singled out, there are many who have showcased talents that have helped build the game, and they should be mentioned as prime examples. One of them is Marta Vieira Da Silva. Another one whom we wanted to highlight is Lucy Bronze because she is UK’s current favourite.

For those of you who would like to enjoy the excitement of betting on women’s football, we have provided you with some basic tips to do so.